Editing and Proofreading: Not the same!

You’ve been working for hours on your latest piece of copy. You brainstormed a phenomenal idea, got it on the page in a clear and exciting way. It’s coming along well, but you know it needs to be refined and polished before it’s sent out into the world. (Sloppy content can cause real damage toContinue reading “Editing and Proofreading: Not the same!”

Creative Ways to Make Your Content Typo-Free

Let’s be honest: typos happen. But hitting “publish” on typo-filled content is more than just embarrassing. It’s bad for your brand. At best, a writing hiccup can jolt your readers out of the flow you want them to experience. At worst? It can give an impression that your brand is sloppy, inattentive to detail, orContinue reading “Creative Ways to Make Your Content Typo-Free”