Everything You Want to Know About Content Marketing (… but were afraid to ask.)

If your first question is “What is content marketing?” fear not! You have come to the right place. Simply defined, content marketing is creating useful materials to share with your audience with the goal of building and maintaining relationships. It’s material that doesn’t just try to pressure a customer to buy something – rather, it offers them inherent informational value.

According to a recent marketing survey and analysis by HubSpot Research, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing in 2020. (That means it’s more likely than not that your competition is developing this stuff.) Approximately 60% of marketers said that content marketing is either “very” or “extremely important” to their overall communication strategy.

When it comes to creating high quality content, are you getting left behind?

What are the benefits of content marketing?

There are a few noteworthy benefits of content marketing.

First, it can help your brand show up sooner in searches (this is called Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”), which translates to more website traffic.

Second, great content helps to build your authority on a topic. When you’re finding innovative ways to drive the conversation in your sphere, customers and prospects are more likely to trust you.

Finally, it offers a way for your brand and audience to authentically connect. You’re giving your customers valuable information, as well as a reminder of your brand’s character and values. In 2020, things are uncertain. Great content can forge strong, emotional connections with your customers, which in turn fosters loyalty.

What kind of content should I develop?

Excellent question! The short answer? It depends.

The long answer: it depends on your target audience, platforms for promotion, and ultimate goals. Some popular and effective forms to consider are blogs, eBooks, case studies, interviews, newsletters, and checklists. Each of these can be a powerful vehicle to share information with your audience, and further strengthen your relationship.

What topics should I cover?

Another great question, and a tougher one to answer in general terms. Your brand should think about your unique perspective, context, and core benefits. Excellent topics are ones that offer readers valuable information, but also reinforce your products or services as the best choice for your target audience. It’s a balance!

Are there local, regional, or national trends that you can weigh in on? Maybe there are fascinating people on your team who you can profile. Have you had an impressive success or overcome a significant challenge recently? Options are endless, and sometimes it can be exceptionally helpful to bring in the brainstorming power of someone with a perspective outside of your business.

How often should I be sharing this content?

As frequently as possible. No, you don’t want to jam up your customers’ inboxes all day every day. (That’s not cool.) But if you have the capacity to be sharing excellent, informative content multiple times a week, that’s content marketing gold. It’s a steady, compelling stream of social media, email, and website content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

This sounds like a lot of work.

Yep. You’re right; developing excellent, competitive content doesn’t just happen at the last minute, or get tossed together by your intern. It takes planning, outlining, researching, writing, editing, and proofreading. Collaborating with a professional can make the task infinitely easier, and – dare I say the f-word – fun?

Ready to engage the power of awesome content? Elevation Writing is here to make it a snap. Get in touch now – we can discuss some exciting ideas, and it won’t cost you a penny. (Yup, consultation is completely free. What are you waiting for?)

Published by Melissa Thomasma

A rare Jackson Hole native, Melissa Thomasma earned degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Montana before returning to the Teton Mountains. Since declaring herself “into words” at the age of three, she’s made a career of arranging them on pages. As founder of Elevation Writing, she helps brands tell their unique stories through innovative, engaging digital and print content. When she’s not scribbling away, she loves cooking, fly fishing, and exploring with her husband and tiny humans.

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