Guided by Values, Driven by Passion

At Elevation Writing, our goal is to help you create powerful content that is an excellent representation of your unique brand. Every word matters. Every blog, every postcard, newsletter, case study, press release, social media post, and every sentence on your website.

Each sentence is an opportunity to reflect your values, voice, and character, and to forge a meaningful connection with your customers.

We believe in careful listening.

Only when we understand your vision can we deliver precisely what you need.

We strive to develop a crystal clear understanding of your target audience, knowledge of your products and services, and your distinctive style. Guided by your values, and with unwavering focus on your goals, Elevation Writing helps develop captivating content for all of your specific needs.

What are your goals? Let’s explore how we can help!

We believe in enduring excellence.

You deserve content that stands the test of time, and makes you proud.

By telling stories that are rooted in your individuality, Elevation Writing creates content that remains useful to you for the long term. We embrace the benefits of exploring timely, current trends and topics, while grounding ourselves in the benefits of content that has evergreen value to your brand and customers. Repetition builds recognition, and consistency strengthens any brand.

We believe in fierce creativity.

We’re not fans of “fitting in.” Especially when standing out is much more fun.

Bold, innovative messaging wins attention in a crowded space. We’re not afraid to leave the beaten path, and leave the proverbial “box” far behind. Your brand and story are unique. Your voice and values are unique. Let’s weave those strands together to craft content that’s original and unforgettable.

Are you ready to stand out? Let’s get started!

Published by Melissa Thomasma

A rare Jackson Hole native, Melissa Thomasma earned degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Montana before returning to the Teton Mountains. Since declaring herself “into words” at the age of three, she’s made a career of arranging them on pages. As founder of Elevation Writing, she helps brands tell their unique stories through innovative, engaging digital and print content. When she’s not scribbling away, she loves cooking, fly fishing, and exploring with her husband and tiny humans.

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