What is Copywriting?

Pause for a moment and consider how many different ways in which your business – or any business – relies on words to share, promote, connect, and inform. It’s an impressively long list! Website content, blogs, newsletters, e-blasts, advertising campaigns, postcards, press releases, articles, social media captions… whew! Guess what? That’s all copywriting!

Are those components you’re ready to delegate? Elevation Writing is ready to help!

Copywriting is developing and refining the text – short or long – that represents your brand, products, or services. It’s the snappy tagline that burrows into your customer’s memory, or the compelling, detailed case study exploring the exceptional benefits of your unique offerings – and anything in between.

What makes great copywriting?

Copywriting is not one-size-fits-all. An excellent copywriter will take the time to learn about the details of your brand, as well as the values and character that drive it. They’ll dig deep into who your target audience might be, and what kind of tone to strike in order to connect with them.

Is a splash of humor core to your brand? Or are you representing calm, zen-like focus? Perhaps you’re the undisputed scientific expert in your field, or the ultimate definition of refined sophistication. Each style, each set of values, and each brand personality require specific, impeccable language.

Great copywriting is goal-oriented. Readers have painfully brief attention spans. What is the precise goal of this text? Drive website visits? Inspire donations to a charitable cause? Motivate sales? Laser focus and clarity around goals is another key to excellent copy.

The Power of Consistency

Imagine a company that sells shoes. Let’s call it “Frank’s Footwear.” You see a billboard for Frank’s that boasts “Ultimate Rugged Reliability on the Job,” and features an image of a burly construction worker. Hmmm… you think. I could use some dependable boots. So you hop onto their website.

But you’re a little startled to notice that there’s not a work boot in sight. Instead, you’re greeted by a parade of strappy, gem-encrusted sandals that promise to “Elevate Your Outfit to the Peak of Sophistication.” Puzzled, you search for Frank’s Footwear on social media. Immediately, your screen is populated with photos of gleeful children in colorful rain boots, stomping through puddles. Is this even the right page?

Confusing, right? Do you think such a disjointed strategy would earn Frank’s many customers? Probably not.

Ensuring that messaging across platforms is consistent – from print and advertising, to social media, to website content – is one of the most critical elements of a powerful marketing plan. Bringing on a professional copywriter can be immensely helpful in developing compelling and consistent messaging.

Be confident in the clarity and focus of your brand and every last fragment of your messaging.

Every Word is an Opportunity

Don’t waste it.

Potential customers decide astonishingly quickly – in the blink of an eye – if they’re going to engage with your content. Excellent, creative copywriting can snag a potential customer’s attention, and hold on to it. Compelling, authentic, persuasive content is critical to stand out from the crowd.

But developing and refining that content isn’t easy. It’s time-consuming, and can be challenging. Many business owners find that hiring a professional copywriter is a simple and easy way to outsource the process, get stellar results, and free up their time to focus on their business.

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Published by Melissa Thomasma

A rare Jackson Hole native, Melissa Thomasma earned degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Montana before returning to the Teton Mountains. Since declaring herself “into words” at the age of three, she’s made a career of arranging them on pages. As founder of Elevation Writing, she helps brands tell their unique stories through innovative, engaging digital and print content. When she’s not scribbling away, she loves cooking, fly fishing, and exploring with her husband and tiny humans.

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